Libjpeg is a widely used C library for reading and writing JPEG image files. It was developed by Tom Lane and the Independent JPEG Group (IJG) during the 1990's and it is now maintained by several developers using various services identified in the SourceForge summary.

The latest release is version 6b of 27-Mar-1998. This is a stable and solid foundation for many application's JPEG support.


You can find downloadable source code in the SourceForge release area. Source, and other files can also be found on the old download site at

Libjpeg maintenance was migrated to SourceForge in 2006, and maintenance releases are planned for early 2009. The current development code is available in CVS ( The CVS source is also browseable.


To learn more about how to use JPEG, see the JPEG FAQ. If you'd like to learn about how JPEG works, start with the comp.compression FAQ.

The ISO JPEG standards committee has their own web site. IJG is not affiliated with the ISO committee.

Mailing List

The libjpeg-devel-6x mailing list has been established for discussion on the stable libjpeg series. Please feel free to join.

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